The ultimate self launch kitesurfing anchor

The perfect day, the perfect wind, the perfect spot. If only you had a BeachGrip to launch your kite.

BeachGrip is a remarkably practical and effective kitesurfing anchor that will secure your kite while you get ready to self-launch it. Why take the risk to damage your kite or injur yourself when BeachGrip is here to help.

You just came back from that great ride. If only you had a BeachGrip to land your kite.

Your friends have gone home and the wind has picked up while you were on the water. Landing your kite might be tricky. But not to worry as your BeachGrip is here in the sand, waiting for your return. It will hold your kite after you land it, allowing you to safely unhook yourself from it.

BeachGrip - Kiteboarding Anchor

BeachGrip is the most effective and convenient kitesurfing anchor.

– Incredibly effective: BeachGrip was officially tested in hurricane force winds holding a beach umbrella. How much wind do you usually kite in?

– Innovative: Thanks to its unique design, BeachGrip holds remarkably well in the sand (wet or dry). Challenge it – you’ll be surprised!

– Small and light:  it fits in any kitesurfing equipment bag.

– Convenient: BeachGrip can be placed anywhere in the sand, allowing you to always choose the best launching position depending on the wind conditions and the configuration of the beach.

– Safer for you: having your kite safely secured in the sand gives you all the time to check your lines properly before you launch.

– Safer for others: Secured to a BeachGrip, your kite cannot fly away on its own by accident. While you’re away kitesurfing, the only part that sticks out of the sand is a harmless textile strap, which can conveniently be flagged by the orange bag the BeachGrip comes in.

– Safer for your kite: self-launching using a reliable sand anchor prevents the risk of damaging your kite on shells, rocks and beach debris as when drift launching.

BeachGrip is the buddy you can always rely on to self launch & land your kite.

Whether you’re the first one on the beach or the last one on the water, whether you enjoy kiteboarding from bustling popular beaches or from remote and deserted spots, bring your BeachGrip with you and never feel without support to launch and land your kite in confidence and safety.


The essential companion for kitesurfing enthusiasts.

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