How To Set Up A Beach Umbrella On A Pebble Beach?

It is not always about sand: pebble beaches can be sunny too!

Can a beach umbrella hold on its own on a pebble beach?

Anyone who’s ever tried to set up a beach umbrella on a pebble beach can probably answer this question: it’s a real challenge! Unlike with sand, it is almost impossible to insert the pole of a beach umbrella deep enough into the pebbles so that it would hold properly. So, what can we do?

Using a beach umbrella anchor is a necessity on any beach!

So here we are, ready to enjoy a sunny day on a rocky beach, yet we want to get some shade from our beach umbrella. More than ever, we need the help of a beach umbrella anchor. Now, wait a minute: how would that even work?

Would any beach umbrella anchor work on a pebble beach?

Think about it: how could any screw-type beach umbrella anchor work in pebbles? It’s bad enough they hardly work in sand! Actually, only two types of anchors should be considered in our case:

1. A bag-type anchor, where you would fill the bag with pebbles to weight it down.
2. A BeachGrip, which would do the job while still fitting inside your pocket.

One could pretend that the bag-type anchor might work better in this case, and we would not argue with that. However, filling them with rocks can be a pain and BeachGrip remains the smallest, the lightest and the most convenient way to keep your beach umbrella where it belongs: on the beach, rather than flying in the air!

How good would a BeachGrip anchor hold a beach umbrella in pebbles?

BeachGrip was designed as a sand anchor and this is where it largely outperforms any other beach umbrella anchor, having proven its performance in hurricane force winds. We haven’t tested it in such challenging conditions on a pebble beach! However, it still works and will hold a beach umbrella in light to medium conditions – technically, in conditions where you want to be laying on the beach!

It might require a bit more effort to bury it in pebbles than in the sand, but once it’s in, you can surely enjoy some shade from your beach umbrella, laying on a pebble beach – a luxury very few beach umbrella anchors can offer.

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    1. Hi Matt, thanks for your interest in BeachGrip! Our beach umbrella anchor fits poles up to 25mm in diameter. However we are considering making a model that will fit larger beach umbrellas in the future. Stay tuned!

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