BeachGrip, The Most Effective Beach Umbrella Anchor

How effective are beach umbrella anchors?

When it comes to beach umbrella anchors, one information which is seldom disclosed is the force of wind they can withstain.

The truth is, most people don’t know.

In fact, the efficacy of a beach umbrella anchor generally depends on many factors that are beyond the control of their designers. The quality of the sand, the size of the umbrella, or the care taken by the user in installing the anchor can affect its performance.

Therefore, the majority of suppliers do not officially claim any specific wind limit their umbrella anchor can sustain. And for the few who do, they give no proof of it; instead, this bold statement usually comes with a cautious disclaim

The importance of a reliable parasol anchor

But why should we care about how much wind our beach umbrella anchor can sustain? After all, we usually don’t go lying under a parasol during a winter storm. So why does it matter that we secure our beach umbrella so it could resist a hurricane?

Well, the answer lies in one word: safety.

When our safety and the safety of others is at stake, a basic principle should drive our choices: What can do more can do less.

Nobody can predict how a day on the beach will turn out. Even in the calmest conditions, a strong gust of wind can suddenly occur from any direction and blow your beach umbrella away. In some places the weather can change dramatically in a matter of minutes, leaving very little time to react.

You shouldn’t have to worry about this, as you are here to enjoy a relaxing, trouble-free day. Knowing that your beach umbrella won’t go flying no matter the wind will provide you a invaluable peace of mind.

How effective is the BeachGrip umbrella anchor?

BeachGrip is the only beach umbrella anchor which was officially tested and certified for a given force of wind. Thanks to the unique way it operates, its effectiveness does not depend on the factors that usually affect other types of anchor systems.

Its small size and disconcerting ease of use add up to its performance to make its outstanding efficacy. And with the unprecedented capacity to sustain hurricane force winds, BeachGrip does have some margin when it comes to holding a beach umbrella in normal conditions!

How did we test the BeachGrip?

Its inventor designed the BeachGrip with safety in mind. In order to ensure that it would be effective under normal conditions, we had to challenge it under extreme conditions. We destroyed a lot of beach umbrellas in the process! But none of them went flying away.

We first tested the BeachGrip on the beaches of Brittany, taking advantage of the generous winter storms that this beautiful region of France regularly experiences. This first series of succesful trials allowed us to make substancial improvements to our innovative anchor system.

To  challenge it in extreme conditions, we built a custom-made trailer which we filled with sand. Then we took our mobile artificial beach to the countryside where the official tests would take place. We used an aircraft to create the strongest possible wind, which we measured on a digital logging anemometer mounted on the trailer.

We carried out several consecutive tests, on several different days, destroying a few beach umbrellas in the process! Every test was successful: the umbrellas all ended up in shreds, but none of them flew away.

The anemometer recorded a top wind speed of 160 Km/h (100 MPH). It was the strongest wind the gyroplane could create, and yet we didn’t reach the limit of the BeachGrip!

The most effective beach umbrella anchor, unrivalled!

The outstanding performances of the BeachGrip parasol anchor were officially witnessed and recorded in a bailiff’s report available on our website.

With its extreme ease of use, its reasurring reliability, and its unique hurricane proof capability, BeachGrip is by far the most efficient beach umbrella anchor in the world.

But it’s also the one and only that can officially claim it.

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