The hurricane proof beach umbrella anchor

As you relax on the beach, you surely don't want a sudden gust of wind to ruin your day.

Even in calm weather, an unpredictable gust of wind can scoop up unsecured beach umbrellas, and throw them into the air. Losing your parasol is annoying enough, but do you know where it will land?

Each year, hundreds of people are injured by flying beach umbrellas.

An unsecured beach umbrella causes a real hazard for you and for others. When taken away by a gust of wind, a parasol becomes a dreadful weapon! Accidents happen each year, causing traumatic injuries to beachgoers. Some have lost mobility, eyesight, and even life.

The dangers of beach umbrellas

How to secure a beach umbrella? BeachGrip is the solution!

BeachGrip - Beach Umbrella Anchor

Securing a beach umbrella so it won’t fly away is not easy. Let BeachGrip do it for you! This patented sand anchor will hold your parasol like no other, whatever the wind. Just fit it, and forget about it!

The BeachGrip will keep you and other beachgoers safe.

Unlike any other beach umbrella anchor, the BeachGrip is small and light, very easy to use, and it was officially tested in hurricane force winds! No matter how the weather turns, your beach umbrella won’t go anywhere. 

Try and test it!

Enjoy the beach knowing you've made it safer.

If you’ve ever had concerns about using a beach umbrella, securing it with a BeachGrip will remove the fear of endangering others. Having acted as a responsible citizen, you can now relax and enjoy a beautiful day at the beach!

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Flying beach umbrellas belong to the past.

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