Beach Umbrella Anchor: Why Use One?

While a beach umbrella anchor can be seen as a gadget, it could actually save your day.

Beach umbrellas are not so easy to install in the sand

You’ve planned the perfect beach day: the sun is out, the breeze is gentle, the warm blue sea awaits you. Beach umbrella, towel, sunscreen, beach toys, water bottle, sunglasses and a good book: you’re all set.

But wait a minute… aren’t you missing something? how will you secure your beach umbrella in the sand without an anchor? Simply planting it into the sand won’t cut it. It might even not hold at all if the sand is fine or the wind catches underneath it. The slightest gust can make your beach umbrella fly away.

That alone is annoying enough, but if your beach umbrella lands on someone, it can truly ruin your day.

Beach umbrellas are more dangerous than one thinks

Have you never heard of anyone injured by a flying beach umbrella? Good for you. But sadly, many people have had that bad experience. An apparently harmless beach umbrella can turn into a deadly weapon when it takes off from a gust of wind and lands on somebody. Best case scenario, that unfortunate person will end up with a bruise ; but in the worst, they might even lose their life. Not the purpose of a relaxing day on the beach…

The dangers of beach umbrellas

Accidents with beach umbrellas occur more often than one imagines

Nearly 3,000 people were sent to the emergency department due to umbrella-related accidents between 2010 and 2018, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. That’s one accident per day, in the United States alone! And the more recent statistics are not looking any better, with 1,700 accidents reported between 2018 and 2021. That’s way too many persons that get injured on a sunny beach day.

Consequences of a beach umbrella accident can be dire

Getting hit by a flying beach umbrella can be fatal, as a handfull of people have sadly experienced:

Other similar accidents have been almost as dramatic, with people being impaled or losing an eye to these dangerous pointy things supposed to just be protecting us from the sun. Whatever the consequences, being hit by a flying beach umbrella is never a fun memory.

Secure your beach umbrella in the sand and stay out of trouble!

Running after your flying beach umbrella is not exactly what you came to the beach for! Convenience is already a good enough reason to use a beach umbrella anchor, but when safety is brought into the picture, it closes any debate. No day on the beach should ever end up at the hospital for an accident that can easily be avoided, and the last thing you want is to be held liable for somebody’s death!

So, should you use a beach umbrella anchor? Yes, you should, without a doubt ; not only will it be easier for you to settle on the beach, but the peace of mind it will give you will be invaluable.

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