Beach Umbrella Anchor: Why Use One?

While a beach umbrella anchor can be seen as a gadget, it could actually save your day. Beach umbrellas are not so easy to install in the sand You’ve planned the perfect beach day: the sun is out, the breeze is gentle, the warm blue sea awaits you. Beach umbrella, towel, sunscreen, beach toys, water […]

How To Set Up A Beach Umbrella On A Pebble Beach?

It is not always about sand: pebble beaches can be sunny too! Can a beach umbrella hold on its own on a pebble beach? Anyone who’s ever tried to set up a beach umbrella on a pebble beach can probably answer this question: it’s a real challenge! Unlike with sand, it is almost impossible to […]

BeachGrip, The Most Effective Beach Umbrella Anchor

How effective are beach umbrella anchors? When it comes to beach umbrella anchors, one information which is seldom disclosed is the force of wind they can withstain. The truth is, most people don’t know. In fact, the efficacy of a beach umbrella anchor generally depends on many factors that are beyond the control of their […]

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