The multipurpose beach anchor

Small, Light, and Incredibly Effective:

The BeachGrip® multipurpose anchoring solution.

Whether you need to secure your beach umbrella so it doesn’t fly away, to launch and land your kite safely, or to keep your dog from running free on the beach, BeachGrip will do it all for you. 

Beach Umbrella Anchor

Flying beach umbrellas now belong to the past.

Have you ever wondered how to keep your beach umbrella from flying away in an unexpected gust of wind? Did you know that beach umbrellas that are not properly anchored in the sand injure hundreds of people every year? Officially tested in hurricane force winds, BeachGrip provides a practical and reliable solution to this issue affecting all beaches worldwide.

Kitesurfing Anchor

The kiteboarding self launch solution.

Launching and landing your kite can sometimes be tricky and even dangerous, especially if there is nobody around to help. By keeping your kite securely anchored in the sand while you get ready to launch it and after you’ve landed it, BeachGrip is the perfect kiteboarding buddy you can always rely on.

Dog Beach Anchor

Take your doggy friends to the beach.

Want your four-legged friends to join you on the beach, but can’t let them run free while you rest or go for a swim? BeachGrip will keep them just where you want them to stay.


The multipurpose beach anchor.

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